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How to organise a game of Roll A Pound At The Whisky at a fundraising evening

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During a break in your fundraising event, you may be trying to increase your income for the evening. This is a quick and simple game that encourages people to part with their money. It should take no more than 10 minutes to play but will keep the pounds rolling in.
What you'll need: 
A bottle of whisky
A piece of chalk or, possibly, a small mat
A small supply of pound coins
A few volunteers to act as assistants
Before the event, buy a decent bottle of whisky which will be the prize at the end of the game. Make it expensive enough to tempt your guests but not too costly as this will make a dent in your profits.
Ensure that there is a large space in the centre of your room or, at least, a long, narrow aisle with no steps or slopes.
Place the bottle of whisky at one end of the room.
At the other end of the room, mark out a start line behind which the contestants stand. This could be a chalk mark on the floor or, alternatively, use a small mat or carpet square as a starting position.
Contestants queue behind the start point and, when it is their turn, they will roll a pound coin towards the whisky, attempting to get the coin to stop as close to the bottle as possible. If the floor is particularly smooth, and the coins are likely to just keep rolling, get people to slide the coins, Shove-ha'penny style.
As coins start to gather around the bottle, remove those that are further away from the whisky but keep in place the two or three coins that are closest to the target.
Make sure that you remember who rolled the pound that is closest to the bottle. The spectators and competitors will become very involved in the game and will expect you to show firm and fair judgement. If the surface allows, you could chalk the initials of the contestant next to the coin that is closest to the bottle..
When you feel that enough time has been spent on the game, or that people are losing interest, announce the winner. The person with the pound coin closest to the bottle receives his or her prize of the whisky.
Quick and easy to organise, this game can be run alongside a raffle and will make money for your fundraising evening by providing entertainment and amusement for everyone.
There will be very competitive people amongst your guests. Do everything to encourage the rivalry as more pounds will then be rolled.
Have a number of helpers to stand in an arc behind the whisky bottle to retrieve the stray coins.
Have a volunteer to change notes for pound coins so that there is a ready supply of coins to roll. Once the game has started, your pot will be replenished from coins around the bottle.
People may get carried away with sending their money rolling across the floor. Don't discourage them as they'll stop when their wallets and purses are empty. After all, you're trying to raise as much money as you can.


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