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How To Obtain The Best Pet Insurance

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We all hope that no accident will befall our pets but invariably, at some stage in their lives, your cat, dog or horse will require some expensive veterinary treatment. Pet insurance, particularly for horses, has increased dramatically and it is important to make sure that the cover on offer is right for the pets you have.
For dog and horse (pony) owners it is important to have adequate third party liability as standard cover if your pet damages someone else’s property or injures someone. Most household insurance only covers the family dog – horses and ponies may require specialist cover, as will any exotic pets.
Check the policy to see if there are any time limits for treating a long-term condition such as arthritis or diabetes. Once this time lapses you may be liable for the continued cost of the treatment.
Some policies do not cover older pets, which is when they are most likely to need treatment. Check whether you are covered for the whole of your pet’s lifetime; even though the cost of the policy will increase as the pet gets older, you will still be covered. If you adopt an older pet from a rescue centre, you may not be able to take out insurance cover.
If you take your dog on holiday (UK or overseas) make sure that you are fully covered; and check whether you are covered against holiday cancellations if your pet is ill, or for emergency boarding.
Even if you compete 'just for fun' your horse (pony) or dog may not be insured for accidents that happen during competition or agility events. Check before you enter.
Lastly, check whether you are covered against theft or straying, and the limit allowed for the cost of replacement of any rare breed. When insuring rare or expensive breeds, some policies include the cost of a replacement if your pet dies, but this is not always standard cover.
Good pet insurance covers you for more than just the occasional trip to the vet and by choosing the right policy you will have the security of mind should expensive treatment be required, or an unexpected situation develop.


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