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How To Meet Someone New

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It’s easier said than done but there is no stigma attached to joining something to meet other people – whether it’s new friends or a prospective partner. And it’s always easier to mix with people if we have something in common – after all, if we play golf, we could walk down the street and pass five other golfers in half and hour and not know it. The only way we find out who they are is by going to a golf club. The same applies with recognising other unattached people; unknowingly, we are encountering them every day. And there’s no reason why we shouldn’t make our way to where they congregate and meet them in a natural way.
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A copy of ‘WLTM: The Dating Game’ by Suzanne Ruthven
Joining a social group doesn’t necessarily have to be seen as being on the look-out for a partner. We have to get to know people before enjoying their company, so persevere and keep attending events in your area.
Prospective partners aren’t kept waiting for us in cold storage, so don’t expect a result overnight.
Not everyone is looking for romance, and although Nexus doesn’t consider itself as providing an introduction service, it nevertheless prominently states in its brochure that they offer as much opportunity as any other organisation for finding friends and partners. Joining Nexus means that members can take advantage of a wide social calendar and are not restricted to local events.
There are all sorts of supper, wine, music and theatre clubs around the country, and although they may need some tracking down, these events can also offer the opportunity to meet new people.
We can often find local singles groups whose membership is confined to a clearly defined area. These are usually privately run and membership is closely guarded so that no disrupting influences are allowed in.
Telephone personal ads, such as Kindred Spirits in the Daily Telegraph are also popular since these can give a rough indication of an advertiser’s outlook and/or politics. Many local free papers also run a similar scheme but the ads will tell us nothing about the person placing it, because free papers are delivered to every household within the area of circulation.
Adverts placed in specialist interest magazines cater for those who specifically wish to meet someone who shares their lifestyle, hobby or sport. If, for example, we are in to canal boats, antique collecting, bird-watching, caravanning, gardening, etc., then there is a publication devoted to our interest – just look in the personal ads.
On-line dating is a fast-growing industry and away from the big commercial sites, there are such listings as ‘stroll dating’ catering for those who like to combine two of life’s great pleasures – dogs and country walks. Or for single parents wanting to take kids for a fun day out, while offering the opportunity to meet a potential partner.
Don’t be fooled by someone who sounds too good to be true – they probably are! Pay close attention to speech and the use of language. This can give a good indication of whether a person is not who or what they say they are.
Don’t give your full name, home address and telephone number, or any other identifying information during an initial meeting. Where possible use a mobile telephone. Take your time and don’t be pressured into revealing any more details before you are good and ready. If your new friend is genuine, they won’t mind.
One in five adults are now use dating services to search for their ideal partner. A report conducted by Telecom Express revealed that the idea of searching for a partner on the internet, in newspaper lonely hearts columns, or through three-minute interviews with speed-dating strangers is now the social norm. Try joining a local singles (or specialist interest) group and keep things low key while you meet new friends – and see what happens.
A telephone conversation can reveal a good deal about a person’s social and communication skills.
Singles groups are advertised on the internet and in local newspapers.
Never arrange to meet someone in an out of the way place, or accept a lift in a car. rrange your first date in a public place such as a central pub or cafe.


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