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How to manually add Freeview TV channels lost after the Digital Switchover

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If you watch Freeview TV it's quite possible that some of your channels have gone missing following the re-tune needed after the Digital Switchover in April. In my case it was the BBC channels, because my equipment was scanning for them on the wrong frequency. This How To will show you how to add the lost channels manually. While it focuses on the BBC channels, the principles are the same for all channels, as long as you enter the details relevant for the ones you have lost. Be advised though, some steps may need some technical know-how, and variations between the different makes of device could involve digging around for the right settings.
What you'll need: 
A Freeview TV or a TV with a Freeview set top box, already set up and retuned
A computer with internet access.
Assuming you have already re-tuned several times and cursed in frustration at those pesky lost channels, you should now gather the information that will help you get them back. On your computer, open a browser and go to, and select the 'How do I switch' panel. Scroll down and select the 'Retuning instructions' option, and then click the link 'Find out how to do a manual re-tune'.
Enter your postcode and house name or number on the right of this page, and click 'Go'. The resulting page will show you your region and the transmitter you use. Make a note of these details. Scroll down to where it says 'Your manual re-tune instructions for today'. Here you will see all the channel groups available to you. Group 1 for example is labeled Ch 23, and represents the BBC channels, but if you have lost other channels scroll over the question marks of the other groups, and you'll eventually find which group and which Ch number you need.
For some people, simply having the right Ch number is enough. From the setup menu of your TV or set top box, look for the manual scan option, enter the right Ch number, and scan. If that worked for you then this How to is over. But others may find they need to enter the actual frequency rather than just the Ch number, and if that's you, I am afraid there is more work to do.
In your browser visit the site and select the tab marked 'Freeview'. Now drop to the yellow tabs underneath and click the one marked 'Frequencies' on the right hand side. Scroll down beneath the map to where you'll see two panels side by side. We are interested in the one labeled 'SWITCHOVER COMPLETE.'
In this panel, you'll see numbers such as C21 C22 C23 and so on, and these match up with the Ch numbers you found in step 2. Click the number representing the channel group that you lost. For example I lost BBC channels which use C23. On the next page write down the number in brackets above the map (C23 for example gives you 490.0 MHZ). You should also check that your transmitter uses the channel by seeing if it is on the map lower down.
Now you can add the frequency number into the manual scan option of your TV equipment. Be sure to enter the number in the appropriate format. For example my BBC frequency number of 490.0 needed to be entered as 490000. Once this is done, re-scan and you should get your channels back.
It can be frustrating losing TV channels after simply doing a required re-tune. If you have followed the steps in this How To, you will hopefully see that all is not lost, and you can get them back.
If you don't see your lost channels after following this guide, check all your channel numbers, as they may have moved.
You may want to rearrange your recovered channels so they are in a familiar order.


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