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How to make traditional pasta sauce the Italian way

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Here is a traditional tomato sauce recipie for pasta sauce. It can be made wityh or without mince. If it does contain mince meat it is actually known as Ragu. This sauce is very easy to make. It is a quick and healthy healthy meal for summer or winter.
What you'll need: 
About a tablespoon of olive oil for frying.
One large onion and two cloves of garlic peeled and chopped roughly.
One tin of chopped tomatoes and a tin of tomatoe puree. Use the tins as they are better than the tubes.
Your herbs will consist of a tablespoon of dried basil and one tablespoon of Origano.
A small pack of mince if you wish to add meat.
A pinch of salt for flavour.
One cup per person of dried pasta. for spaghetti it is one small handful per person.
Grated cheese if it os prefered to add more flavour.
A few fresh basil leaves for garnish.
Get two saucepans ready on the stove. One containing water to cook the spaghetti or pasta. On the other place the oil and begin to heat.
Throw in the garlic and onions and fry until they become translucent. Keep stirring it so they cook all round. If you wish to add mince then add it now. Again keep stirring so the mince is cooked through and turned brown.
Empty the tins of tomatoes and tomato puree into the saucepan and stir together. Swish out the cans with some water and add this to the sauce. This is a rich tomatoe sauce and every bit helps.
Add three cups of water and bring to the boil. Add the dried herbs and salt to taste. Reduce the heat and let the sauce cook for about an hour. Keep stirring so the sauce blends together and does not stick.
Turn on the pan of water and bring this to the boil. Put the pasta or spaghetti in the pan and cook until it is soft but not sloppy. Drain the contents in a sieve.
Place the contents in pasta bowls. Add the sauce with some grated cheese and a few basil leaves for garnish. This dish is best served warm.
This sauce can be changed according to preference. Prawns and shell fish can be used instead of mince.
Black olives can be used as a tasty topping as well as the cheese.
If you choose to make larger quantities of the sauce. It can be frozen and used when you fancy it.
A frozen sauce can be defrosted and cooked either in the microwave or on the stove in a saucepan.


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