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How To Make a Traditional Irish Hot Whiskey

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No Irish winter sporting event would be complete without a hot whiskey – and certainly no one would be sacrilegious enough to attempt to use anything other than Paddy’s or Jameson for the purpose. On the sidelines at the Gaelic football and hurling, on the coursing field, track or racecourse many of those present will be seem supping from those plastic cups …
What you'll need: 
One generous measure of Irish whiskey
Slice of lemon
4 whole cloves
Teaspoon of sugar
Hot water
Pour the whiskey into a glass.
Place a teaspoon in the glass and add the sugar, lemon, cloves and two measure of boiling water.
Stir well, pressing the lemon to extract the juice – and drink.
If serving your own mix at a sporting event use clear glasses with the sugar, lemon and cloves already inside. Stack the glasses one inside the other until needed and to prevent spilling the ingredients. Just add whiskey and hot water – and serve immediately
There’s an old Irish belief that this concoction can cure a broken heart. And if it doesn’t work the first time, take ten of them in quick succession. From The Feckin’ Book of Irish Recipes.


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