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How To Make Sure Your Bra Fits

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Your bra is the most important garment you wear. If it is properly fitted it will: alleviate stress and strain on the back and shoulder. Anita UK have been at the forefront of undergarments for 125 years and their advice has helped generations of women to look their best.
The bra should lie flat and follow around the circumference of the body in a straight line.
The centre front should sit snugly against the chest wall and separate the breasts. It should not pull forward away from the body
There should be no bulges of breast above the edge of the cup, on profile where the bra finishes the bust should continue on the same line.
There should be no wrinkles evident on the cup of the bra – all over wrinkles mean the cup is too big, whereas space or wrinkling in the nipple area of the cup means the cup is too small.
Bra straps should need only to rest lightly on the shoulders and not dig in and cause redness, it is the structure of the whole bra that should support the breast weight not just the straps.
If you are in doubt always book a fitting with an expert fitter. Also remember that sizes are not always consistent and once you find a brand that works it will become your best friend.


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