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How to make Skittles Vodka

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This is a step by step guide for making Skittles flavoured vodka.
What you'll need: 
Around 1.50 liter of Vodka
2 x 174g Pouch of Skittles
5 glass bottles for storage (like the ones in the image)
5 empty plastic bottles
5 bowls
Plastic funnel
Coffee filters
First, open both bags of Skittles and separate the colours into the 5 different bowls. Hopefully by the end you should have roughly the same amount of each. It doesn't have to be exact, but if there's one bowl with a lot more in then it's probably worth taking a few out so they look about equal.
Fill each of the empty plastic bottles with the same amount of vodka, then pour each of the bowls of Skittles into the bottles and screw the caps on. Give each of them a good shake.
Now you need to be patient and wait for the skittles to dissolve in the vodka. It took me several hours of waiting and shaking the bottles every now and again before the Skittles were gone. When they're totally disolved there should only be the coloured vodka with a foamy residue floating on top. (Don't worry, we're going to get rid of this)
The next step is to open the glass bottles, place the funnel in them with a coffee filter around the edge and pour the vodka through. Again, this can take a while for the vodka to strain through the filter, but it's worth being patient. If you try to speed it up by lifting or shaking the funnel/filter it allows some of the foamy residue through. Whilst this doesn't taste bad, it can be quite an unpleasant texture to drink. Do this for each of the colours.
Place the bottles in the freezer for several hours to chill them then they're ready to drink!
The vodka is incredibly sweet so it can be nice to drink neat, or alternatively you can mix it with a carbonated drink of choice. I find lemonade works the best with most of these.
The better the quality of the vodka you use the nicer this will be.


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