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How to make a Raspberry Trifle

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For many years I have prepared a trifle in the folowing way and it has been very popular with family and friends. Other fruit can be used, but our favourite is raspberry.
What you'll need: 
4 trifle sponge cakes
Packet Rowntrees raspberry jelly
1 pint (568ml) water
½ lb (227gm) fresh or frozen raspberries
Birds custard powder (see amount below)
½ pt (284 ml) full cream milk
Half a tablespoon sugar
125ml tub of whipping cream
Large serving bowl (to hold about 3 pints)
Cut each trifle sponge in half lengthways. Cut each strip into four pieces. Place in serving bowl.
Reserve a few raspberries for decoration and place the rest in bowl over sponge pieces. Frozen ones do not need thawing – they will help the jelly set more quickly.
Prepare jelly. Place in a measuring jug, add ½ pint (284ml) boiling water and stir until dissolved. Make up to 1 pt with cold water. Pour over raspberries and sponge cake. Place in fridge to set.
Prepare ½ pint custard as per instructions provided by Birds but use an extra level teaspoonful of custard powder to make it a little thicker. Pour custard into a bowl and cover the top of the bowl with cling-film to stop a skin forming. Leave until quite cold. (If short of time, a tin of custard could be used)
When jelly is set, spoon custard over it. Place in fridge.
To serve, whip cream until it holds its shape and pipe or spoon over trifle. Decorate with reserved raspberries.
A tasty alternative is tinned manderins and orange jelly. For a special occasion sprinkle a little sherry over sponge cakes and raspberries.
If you cut each jelly cube into several pieces they will dissolve more quickly.
Adding sugar after making the custard will help to avoid it burning on the pan


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