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How To make A Rag Rug

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Rag rugs are made from strips of old woollen clothing or blankets. They are simple to make, cost almost nothing but the results can be stunning. This striped rug is a good starter project for a beginner. Think about colours before you start because your choice will determine whether you end up with an explosion of colour or something rather more sophisticated.
What you'll need: 
A piece of hessian slightly larger than the final rug
A proddy spring hook
Sharp scissors
Clothes or blankets with a high wool content
A needle and thread
Take the hessian and hem any edges that are fraying. You can do this with a running stitch.
Decide on the first colour you want to put into the rug and chop up the first item you are going to use. Cut strips 3 inches by 3/4 inch. Make a huge pile cutting up every part of the garment but not seams.
Lay out your hessian - the longest edges running left to right. Somewhere near the centre of the hessian at the top edge push your hook in two centimetres from the edge and then coming out at the edge of the cloth. Put a piece of woollen cloth in the mouth of the hook and pull through until one end of the material is coming out of each hole. Take your hook and re inset two centimetres from the hole nearest from you and go into the first hole you orginally made. Pick up a piece of woollen cloth and pull through as before. Work towards yoursef until the row has been completed. The back of the rug should be flat. The shaggy rug pile is always on the top
Start a new row in the same or a different colour where ever takes your fancy.
Repeat the process until the rug is full. It is very important not to leave gaps. As the rug becomes fuller you will need to push between rows.
Go to jumble sales or ask about rag bags in charity shops
Woollen blankets are a great resource
Mohair looks fabulous
Anything that has been boiled or ruined in the wash is fine


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