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How To Make A Good Luck Charm

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Most people have a ‘lucky piece’ that they carry with them for good luck, and it’s a custom that’s been going strong since the days of ancient Egypt. Today’s charm (or amulet to give the correct name) can be in the form of a key fob, special good luck stone, a birth sign or a particular piece of jewellery… or something special we make ourselves.
What you'll need: 
10 inches of 18-guage silver wire
Small stones or pebbles
Key rings
Small long-nosed pliers
One of the most popular personal charms is a lucky stone that can be an unusual pebble we find by mere chance. To make an amulet you will need about 10 inches of 18-guage silver wire to wrap around the stone just as you would wrap a parcel - from side to side and from top to bottom.
When you are sure the stone cannot fall out, create a loop at the top by winding the wire around a thin pencil. Weave the wire back through the cage and when it is secure, remove the pencil, leaving the loop open enough to thread through a key ring, piece of cord or neck chain.
If you are lucky enough to find a tiny hagstone - a stone with a naturally bored hole through it which is considered especially lucky - this can be prepared in the same way, or placed in a small pouch to be carried around in a handbag or briefcase.
Personal charms are believed to offer protection against ill luck, accident and the ‘evil eye’ but need to symbolise something that suggests good luck to the recipient – perhaps a favourite plant, animal or bird. Sometimes, these images can be suggested by the texture or patterns in the stones.
Alternatively, an appropriate ‘bon voyage’ card containing the feather of a swallow, or a ‘good luck’ card containing a four-leaf clover or shamrock can also be classed as a personal charm.
Because the charm says ‘I saw this and thought of you’, it automatically carries good wishes with it, even if neither the sender nor the recipient is of a superstitious nature.
Making a good luck charm for another person is the most meaningful token of love and friendship. The effort required in making a personalised charm adds its own degree of special comfort and protection. Friends or family members can exchange these simple keepsakes that will mean nothing to an outsider, but will be a treasured gift for the recipient. Keep your eyes open for small items that immediately bring a friend or relative to mind, especially if there is an anniversary, birthday or examination coming up.


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