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How to Make a 5 Minute (Healthy) Watercress Soup

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Sometimes it is great to come up with a recipe that is so quick and simple that anyone can make it even with a really small kitchen. If you are cooking for friends this can be a posh but healthy starter and if you just want a quick snack it can be ready in moments. Watercress is the latest discovery in Super Foods, packed with nutrients its bright green leaves are not only attractive they are extremely good for you. Recent research from two leading UK based universities, have found that it could play a major part in research into cancer treatments and could help towards preventing it in the first place. Many moons ago Irish monks would go on prolonged fasts in which they would only have water, bread and watercress as a sign of their piety and purity. The diet was probably healthier than it sounds because of the nutrient rich watercress. Interestingly there is documentation, dating back centuries, that associated a slight green pallor with piety as the monks were said to have taken on a green hew if they regularly fasted in this way. Don’t worry this recipe will not turn you into little Vulcan look-a-likes but it is remarkably tasty.
What you'll need: 
1 Pack or bunch of watercress – washed well.
1 onion peeled and sliced thinly
A tub of either Fromage frais, Crème fraiche, or Greek yogurt - according to your own personal taste.
A desert spoon of mayonnaise
4 tinned potatoes
Salt to taste.
A food blender
A microwave
And a large microwave proof jug
Peel and chop your onion finely place in a microwave-proof jug and cover with water and add a pinch of salt.
Microwave this for one minute on full power.
While this is cooking, place your washed watercress, Fromage frais, Crème fraiche, or Greek yogurt (according to your own personal taste) along with the mayonnaise potatoes into your blender. Hold back some little sprigs of watercress and a small scoop of your dairy product for a garnish, adding a spot of water to the dairy product to make it runny.
When the onion is done add this to the blender and top up with cold water to allow for 4 medium size portions. (This is around about one and a half pints a little more if you like a thinner soup)
Blend for about one and a half minutes.
Return the soup mix to your microwave proof jug and microwave for about 2 mins or until warmed thoroughly throughout. Watch and do not allow the mixture to boil. It is much better for you if it is only cooked lightly, just raising it to serving heat.
Remove from Microwave and stir thoroughly. If needed add salt to taste
Poor into preheated bowls or mugs
Drizzle a little of the remaining dairy product into each serving and place a sprig of watercress on the top to garnish the dish. Serve immediately.
This is a great starter as it has a light appetizing flavour and will not fill you up too much. It cleans the pallet ready for the main meal and is perfect for proceeding fish or vegetarian main courses. But if you just want a quick lunchtime snack it is ready in moments and is a healthier and tastier alternative to packet cup-a-soups. It is full of good natural ingredients and you can choose a low fat dairy product and low sodium salt substitute if you are looking after your figure or your heart.
If you wish, you can add some cracked pepper on the top as an alternative seasoning - but the dish is quite tasty enough without.


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