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How To Improvise an Oil Lamp (For a Power Outage Scenario)

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Forgotten to store some candles or to make other emergency preparations? Wind blown down some trees and taken out the power supply to your house and it's starting to get dark? Fear not, you can easily make an oil lamp to provide some emergency lighting to get you through until the power comes back on, using a few common items which most people have in their homes.
What you'll need: 
A container (old tea light casing, small pottery dish or a small glass jar)
Vegetable oil
A piece of cotton wool
Some aluminium foil
Matches, lighter or firesteel
Make a wick for the oil lamp by wrapping some aluminium foil around the middle of small piece of cotton (The foil keeps it in the required shape to function as a wick once it is in the oil).The ends of the cotton should not have foil on them as one end must be in the oil and the other will be ignited once it is in situ in the vessel.
Fill your selected container with vegetable oil and place the wick in it, so that it stands with the tip above the surface of oil (you may have to arrange the cotton at the base of the wick to allow it to stand in the correct orientation)
Allow the wick to absorb some of the oil.
Using a match or a lighter, ignite the tip of the wick.
An oil lamp like this will burn for hours and if you don't have any emergency lighting in a power cut scenario, it can be implemented as a working solution very easily and quickly.
Do not leave naked flames unattended
Keep a fire extinguisher handy


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