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How To Improvise an Emergency Heater

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It's minus 15 centigrade outside, the water pipes to your house have frozen, the ice has taken down the electricity cables so that you have no power, which has stopped your central heating boiler from working. You have no other heating system immediately available to you, so what do you do now? Well, as it is an extreme situation, you could quickly put together a 'sand in a can' emergency heater and stay toasty until the the power and water are restored.
What you'll need: 
An empty chili or coffee can
Enough sand to fill the can
A bottle of methylated spirits (denatured alcohol)
Matches, Lighter or Firesteel
Fill an old coffee or chili can with sand until it is a couple of centimeters from the top.
Pour one or two capfuls of methylated spirits (denatured alcohol) into the sand. The sand will absorb the fuel.
Make sure that the meths bottle is nowhere near the sand can and clean up any drops of spilled fuel.
Drop a match onto the sand. This will ignite the fuel and warm the room up.
This is a reasonably good way to heat a room in an emergency situation like a heating outage in wintertime but heating systems like this should be used carefully. You could with a little further improvisation, probably rig up the grill from your oven over this to boil some water and heat food.
To extinguish the flame, place a metal lid over the can
Don't put too much fuel in the sand
Don't have the meths/alcohol bottle anywhere near the heater
Don't leave a naked flame unattended
Don't under any circumstances attempt to pour fuel into the heater while it is still burning
Keep a fire extinguisher handy


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