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How To Improvise a Cooker

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A quick way to improvise a cooker in a power or grid outage, is to use some items which are available in most homes and some waxy cotton fuel rocks as the energy source.
What you'll need: 
4 empty tin cans
An empty biscuit or sweets tin
Waxy cotton fuel rocks
The grill from your oven
Matches, lighter or firesteel
Frying pan or cooking pot
Arrange the four cans in a square so that they can act as a support for the grill from your oven.
Place the empty (open) biscuit or sweets tin in the centre of the four cans, so that it will be in a good position to supply heat to a pot/frying pan which is placed on the grill.
Place a waxy cotton fuel rock in the biscuit/sweets tin and light it.
When the fuel rock is burning well, place the grill onto the four cans so that it sits securely.
Place the frying pan/cooking pot on top of the grill so that the flames are underneath it and begin cooking.
This is a very easy way to improvise a cooker. The waxy cotton fuel rocks do not burn as hot as hexamine fuel but will burn for 10 - 15 minutes depending on size.They leave a little soot on the bottom of the cooking utensils but this can be cleaned off. I cooked a fried egg on the one in the picture no problem at all and boiled water for a cup of tea using the same set up. The table was not scorched either.They give off a little smoke but not a serious amount.
Fuel rocks can be made by melting candle wax in a pot and soaking cotton wool in it and then allowing them to cool
A natural string wick can be added to the fuel rocks while they are cooling to aid ignition
Don't leave naked flames unattended
Keep a fire extinguisher handy


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