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How To Go Away From Home With Confidence

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Even if we’ve been looking forward to going away on holiday, there is always a degree of apprehension about leaving our home unattended, especially in these days of increased burglaries and break-ins. The ideal situation would be to have a friend or member of the family stay over, or even employ a registered house sitter while we’re away – but this isn’t always possible.
Leave a key and telephone number with a neighbour in case you need to be reached in an emergency; give them numbers of friends or relatives who can deal with any unexpected or urgent problems.
Make sure your mobile is switched to the correct tariff and settings before leaving. There’s nothing more frustrating than to arrive at your destination and find there’s a block on the phone. Check with your local mobile store for advice.
Provide a trusted friend with a list of the numbers of all your credit cards, traveller’s cheques and passport in case of theft or loss.
If going away during the winter months, make sure that the central heating is set to prevent pipes from freezing.
Cancel newspaper and milk deliveries as this is a tell-tale sign for thieves.
Arrange for someone to regularly check the letterbox for protruding junk mail, free papers, etc; and tend to any house plants or garden watering.
If you are not putting pets in kennels, arrange for a pet minder and stock up on enough food to last for the whole period. If leaving the pets at home, make sure you have someone who can go in a couple of times a day and spend some time with the cat, or take the dog for a walk.
Do not close all the blinds, shades and curtains as this alerts thieves that you are away.
Put a few lights and a radio on timers so that they come on and go off at the usual times when you would normally be at home.
Empty the refrigerator of all perishable foods and make arrangements for the dustbin to be put out on the correct day.
If we know there is someone checking the house every day, we'll feel more relaxed and able to get the full benefit from our holiday break.
Tell your neighbourhood watch and the police that you are away.
Leave all valuable and important papers at the bank
In cold weather ask someone to start the car up for you.
When enlisting the help of neighbours and friends make sure you bring back a suitable present for them or you may not be able to ask again. Choose the item carefully and don't try to get away with 'holiday tack'.


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