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How To Get The Most Out Of A Toilet Roll

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In these days of tightening our purse strings, a few pence can be saved each week by the economic use of the humble toilet roll.
Before putting a new toilet roll in the holder, squeeze the roll to flatten the cardboard inside. This prevents an excessive number of sheets being pulled from the roll with each use – and can make the toilet roll last much longer.
Use the cardboard tube inside a toilet roll instead of buying peat pots for planting seeds. These can be planted straight into the soil or grow-bag without damaging the roots of the plants, since they are degradable. Six tubes filled with potting compost fit into a family-size ice cream container and provide a cost free seed tray that can stand on a window sill to germinate.
The inner cardboard tube also makes ideal packaging to disguise small, irregular shaped presents such as costume jewellery, makeup, etc. Wrap with colourful gift paper and add ribbon, tassels or bows; or if you are gifted in the crafts line, you can even make your own crackers using the cardboard tube as a base.
Household packaging accounts for the bulk of our weekly waste – so always be on the look out for ways of recycling packets and containers.


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