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How To Get The Best Food Prices

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Although there has been a fall in the rate of inflation, the price of food is still rising at a rate of 3.5pc year on year, according to a report in the Daily Telegraph. There are, however, ways we can cut the cost of food shopping:
What you'll need: 
An old-fashioned shopping list
The price of meat has seen the biggest rise – up 5.7pc over the previous 12 months to January 2012. Check the prices at your local family-owned butcher, who will often undercut the supermarkets by a substantial amount, and also have other money-saving offers.
Use seasonal vegetables rather than expensive imports and shop at your local market and farmers’ market where seasonal produce should be plentiful.
Plan weekly shopping carefully – only buy what you need – and plan meals in advance.
Use to compare the cost of food in different stores, and use ‘own brand’ merchandise for dry goods and tinned foods.
With a bit of forward planning we can save money on our weekly shopping. Treat yourself to a seasonal recipe book, and try some good, old-fashioned dishes.
Prepare a shopping list and stick to it
Don’t be tempted by supermarket special offers


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