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How To Gain The Advantage When Selling Your House

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According to the latest report from the National Institute of Economic and Social Research, property values are set to fall for the next four years – which could be the longest period of falling house prices ever seen in the UK. Needless to say, in a buyer’s market it will become even harder to sell your property at the price you’re asking. In the past, we were told to create the smell of freshly brewed coffee and baking bread in order to tempt a buyer, but we’re going to need more than this in the coming years to clinch a sale.
Potential buyers can be put off by the smallest detail, so make sure the entrance hall is warm and welcoming – and uncluttered. Adopt a ruthless storage policy for all rooms see How To Make Use of Time and Space).
Resist the urge to paint everything ‘historical white’. It will look nice and clean but will have all the welcome of an operating theatre.
Bright, vivid, modern colours can inject new life into an old house. Remember that Georgian houses were often painted in strong yellows, reds, blues and greens – and floral wallpaper is back in vogue.
Don’t be afraid to mix antique pieces with a modern décor, and to create a feature or conversation piece with an interesting ornament or picture.
If you have a large piece of furniture that will not be moving with you, get rid of it now (see How To Take the Pain out of Down-sizing).
Make your windows a focal point by using natural light and the view from the windows as part of the room. Keep the framing walls around the window absolutely clear with curtains pulled well back and the sills clear of clutter.
Create plenty of space by taking indoors outdoors with simple metal frames for sweet peas, etc., potted plants and freshly painted garden furniture.
Strategically placed plants and vases of flowers add life to a room, particularly kitchens and bedrooms.
We love our pets but potential buyers may not, so consign the pet bed to the garage on viewing days.
Make sure that bookshelves are kept tidy. Or better still, no books on display at all – even if these are the first items to be boxed up for the move (see How To Down-size Your Book Collection).
In today’s uncertain housing market, with far more homes on sale than buyers, means you must work harder to sell your property. Even if your potential buyer says they are interested in making an offer, don’t cancel other viewings until it is confirmed in writing.
Invest in some quality air fresheners and make sure you use the same fragrance all over the house.
Open windows to let in fresh air.
Your house isn’t sold until the contracts have been signed. Don’t be complacent.


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