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How To Fry An Egg (Farmhouse Style)

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There is nothing to compare in taste or colour with a freshly laid, free-range fried egg for breakfast. This is one of life’s little pleasures that should be savoured, particularly if served with maple-smoked bacon.
What you'll need: 
Farm fresh eggs
Lard or dripping
A frying pan
Heat the fat in a frying pan until it begins to make faint popping noises. Vegetable oil is permissible but lard or beef dripping is best; olive oil spoils the taste.
Gently break the eggs into the hot fat and fry until the whites are set. Take care not to break the yolk by dropping it into the fat, as this will spoil both the taste and appearance of the cooked egg.
Reduce the heat and while the eggs are frying, gently draw the whites over the yolks with an egg slice; when set, baste them well with the hot fat to make all the albumen (egg white) coagulate. Some people like to see golden yolks; others prefer an opaque coating – this is a personal choice.
Take the eggs up with a slice, drain well from fat and serve on slices of toast. If the eggs are to be served with ham or bacon, cook them in the fat obtained when frying the meat.
Eggs are an invaluable food source and well as an ingredient in cooking. They are high in protein and fat, as well as calcium, iron and vitamins, and lots of people still observe the old Egg Marketing Board slogan: Go to work on an egg.
Eggs should be eaten as fresh as possible
They should be stored in a cool, airy place – not in a fridge.
If stored in a fridge, they should be allowed to warm to room temperature before use.
To test the freshness of an egg, put it horizontally into a bowl of cold water. If it stays horizontal it is fresh; if it stands vertical it is too stale to eat.


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