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How To Find Pet-Friendly Accommodation to Rent

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It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to find rental property that will allow pets. Owners of unfurnished properties are more amenable than owners of furnished ones, but even so, a recent report revealed that of more than 2,000 rental inquiries, every single one involving a pet was rejected. So what to do?
Check your pet’s insurance. Some policies protect against damage a pet may cause to a rented property.
Prepare the pet-CV for your dog, setting out any training classes, breed type and whether it has been neutered.
Check the relevant clauses of your lettings agreement/lease with special care and follow them to the letter.
If you work full time and are going to leave the dog/cat unattended all day, landlords may be particularly wary of you.
Be prepared to offer to pay a larger deposit and sign extra lease clauses to cover any possible damage, carpet cleaning, etc
In some cases smaller dogs have a better chance, and often the breed will also be taken into consideration.
It seems ridiculous when we think of the damage done to rental properties by thoughtless teenagers and drunken adults, that a well-behaved family pet can be refused admission to a rented home. Nevertheless this is now the norm, so be prepared for a long wait.
Cats are generally perceived as less of a risk than dogs
Caged pets (including house rabbits) are also discriminated against.
Look for properties with tiled floors that are easily washable.
Don’t underestimate the length of time it may take to find a dog/cat friendly property.


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