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How To Earn Money From Your Home

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Most of us are on the look-out these days for ways to earn a little bit of extra cash, and one idea may be to look at ways to utilise the house we live in to provide an unexpected bonus. Consider some of these ideas:
If you have an unusual, character or picturesque property, you can earn a lot of money by hiring it out as a film location, or for a less disruptive magazine shoot. The first step is to make contact with an agent, who will handle the whole transaction on your behalf.
Take in a b&b lodger on a semi-permanent basis. Contact any large businesses in your area that might be looking for ways of reducing staff hotel bills in the present economic climate. This would be a short-term arrangement with payment guaranteed by the company, usually from Monday-Friday, giving you back your home each weekend. Contact the Human Resources departments
If you’re a doggy person, consider offering a one-to-one dog sitting service by taking a dog into your own home. This service is popular with people who travel on business on a regular basis, because they know their dog is happy living with a foster-mum while they’re away, and your service is much cheaper than kennelling. Advertise at your local veterinary surgery and build up a regular clientel.
Use your premises to station car hire-by-the-hour vehicles for Streetcar. In return they give 20 hours free use of the car per month worth £100 depending on the type of car. This scheme might enable you to sell your own car and save an estimated £6,000 per year (which the AA estimates it costs to run a car).
If you live near a mainline station or city centre consider hiring out your front drive for commuters who need somewhere to park on a regular basis. The going rate is between £40-£75, rising drastically in city centres. You can also rent out your garage through the same company Parklet.
More and more business people will be looking for ways to trim ££££s off the company budget and providing temporary board and lodging for vehicles, people and pets could earn you a modest extra income while not really compromising your privacy.


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