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How to DIY part of your divorce

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One of the most expensive parts of getting divorced can be coming to a financial agreement. Before you can reach agreement you need ‘disclosure’ – that means each of you listing and then agreeing what you have. More money is spent on solicitors finding out what there is than on how to divide it! What can you do to help your solicitor in this and keep the costs down? Disclosure usually takes place by completing a prescribed Court form - Form E The reality is very few of us are sufficiently organised in our day to day life to easily lay our hands on the financial minutiae of our affairs, let alone collate the information in an understandable way and then put it all into an unfamiliar and unwieldy form. Follow these tips to gather the documentary evidence needed to accompany your Form E:
What you'll need: 
Lever arch file
As much as you may hate it you have got to be organised. Gather together your documents and index them in an understandable way. Buy a lever arch file and some dividers and use them.
Put your bank/credit card statements for all your accounts in order with the oldest statement first - don’t just lump them together in the way they come out of the envelope otherwise someone will charge you £200 plus per hour to order them for you.
If you are asked for valuations get them.
Request pension CEVs the moment you start the process as this normally takes ages.
Make sure you provide the most recent documents you have.
Give the documents to your solicitor in good time before the Form E is due. (Remember if you delay, your solicitor will chase you, which will cost you more money.)
By doing this you will cut down the amount of work your solicitor needs to do – and so save yourself money!


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