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How To Deal With a Slippery Garden Path

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Unfortunately there’s no easy cure for slippery garden paths, which are a hazard to trades-people, visitors and the elderly. Generally, hazardous paths are at their worst during wet summers and damp winters but we can take the following steps to make them safer:
What you'll need: 
A stiff broom
Power washer
Prune back over-hanging branches to improve air movement and to allow sunlight to reach more of the surface.
Brush slippery paths regularly with a stiff broom.
Pressure washers are the most effective for removing moss and algae – they can be bought or hired with a special patio-washing facility.
Spray regularly with special path/patio cleaner from a garden centre or hardware store but remember that some can discolour certain types of stone.
In particularly troublesome areas consider replacing the smooth surface with a permeable material like gravel as any accident sustained on your property may cost you money.
Use soda crystals from a local supermarket.
Even when treated, if the wet conditions continue, the problem will return.


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