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How to cure a hangover

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A simple guide to combat your headache, nausea and fight toxins.
What you'll need: 
Orange Juice, Salt and Water
iPod or other music device
A floor for a quick workout
Egg and a Wholemeal bagel
Natural Yoghurt and honey
Your thumb
Start with a drink of 500ml of Orange Juice, mixed with 500ml of water and an added 1/4 tsp of salt. The water and orange juice will help you rehydrate. The added salt makes sure your body takes in the water rather than letting it go straight through you.
Turn on some upbeat music. Something with a positive vibe to get you started for the day.
Next onto the workout. A mixture of press ups and prisoner squats (standard squats although place hands behind head and keep back straight). Do 10 reps of each straight after each other then rest for 30 secs and repeat two more times.
Hit the showers. Try intervals of cold water if you can brave it. This will give you an energetic whole body refreshment feeling. Strong Mint shower gel gives the same feeling as well.
BREAKFAST! Prepare something wholemeal natural and healthy. As an example, a poached egg on a wholemeal bagel is perfect. As an optional extra, Natural Yoghurt and Honey can help with the filling up and energy building process.
Optionally: Use your thumb to jab at pressure points such as your wrist or the middle of your calve. Holding these places for 6 secs then releasing helps to relieve nausea.
Now, do something with your day!


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