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How To Create A Planter of Home Remedies

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Terracotta ‘strawberry’ planters come in all sizes and can be filled with a selection of herbs; or just trailing nasturtiums, the leaves providing a peppery flavour for salads. Filled with suitable plants, this type of planter is also an ideal ‘starter’ for someone developing an interest in medicinal herbs and would like to try making a few simple remedies.
What you'll need: 
A modern herbal
An assortment of medicinal herbs recommended by the Royal Horticultural Society (including several mentioned by Thomas Culpeper) consists of lemon verbena, common houseleek, thyme, marigold, aloe vera, feverfew, chamomile, hyssop and mint.
The pockets enable a number of herbs to be grown in a small space, although these will need to be replanted every spring because the space quickly becomes overcrowded.
To avoid overcrowding before the end of the season, always plant mint in a separate container.
This type of planter dries out very quickly because the soil inside shrinks and the water runs out of the pockets. To make watering more effective, stand the planter in a bowl and water from above and below
A planter filled with an assortment of medicinal herbs and a modern herbal would make a great house-warming gift.


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