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How To Create Kerb Appeal

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If you are trying to sell your house then giving your house kerb appeal is the first job on the list. Many viewers do a drive by in advance and if the outside of the house puts them off they may not turn up. The front of your house is as vital as the For Sale sign. It sets the tone for viewings.
Start with a clear up, get rid of overflowing bins, old plant pots and any rubbish. Cut back bushes and trees and clear any weeds. Start with a blank canvas.
If the front of your house has space for a car really evaluate how it looks. Is it a concrete desert which is a complete turn off? Reconfigure the space with a dedicated car area but return the rest of the space to garden or use pea gravel or block paving to create a more attractive space. Remember that the ground needs to support a car so ensure that there is 300ml depth of coverage below the space where the car will sit.
Is the garden high or low maintenance - do you want flower beds and grass or just paving. Remember to soften the look with some wall mounted pots.
If the garden wall is in a poor state take down to the footings and rebuild. Replace broken or damaged fence panels.
If your single glazed windows are past their best install double glazed relacements. There are huge discouts to be had if you shop around.
Check your roof. Relace missing titles and any pointing in the chimney, make sure your guttering is in one piece and working.
Finally add the finishes touches, a coat of paint to the front door and skirting, a hanging basket or pots.
Remember that doing all these small jobs could take weeks but a professional handyman could do them in a day. Check out for qualified tradesmen who come recommended by their customers. Check out this video for more tips.


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