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How To Control Telephone Costs

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For many people, a telephone is a lifeline for long distance family and friends but often we find ourselves in the position of not being to pay the bill when it becomes due. Here are one or two suggestions:
Set a cooker timer for 15-20 minutes and cut the conversation when the time is up.
Have a telephone box and ‘pay’ £2 every time you use the phone.
Take it in turns to call friends – one month it’s your turn, next month theirs.
Keep the mobile for emergencies. Or look at the options that might be better value when you have to watch your budget: like pay-as-you-go instead of a monthly bill; or free calls to same-provider numbers for a flat monthly payment.
Make long distance calls in the evenings or at weekends at the cheaper rate.
Check with your telephone provider for the best tariff for ‘friends and family’. These alter all the time and existing customers are not always notified of the best deals.
Shop around for the best combined deals for computer, landline and mobile.
Consider a ‘no landline’ broadband connection if the signal is strong enough where you live – this is often cheaper than many land-line providers.
Save on TV, broadband and home phone by checking out the Ofcom approved Telegraph Digital Savings Service, Simplyfy Digital, reviews over 6,000 deals from the top UK providers and can find the right deal for you. Call 0800 316 6980 or text ‘DEAL Telegraph’ to 81400.
The telephone gives us a sense of security, especially at times of personal stress or ill health, and it’s good to know that there’s someone at the other end to give support or advice. A long chat with a close member of the family or friend makes us feel better, and often with the right package we can do this without paying a fortune.
Don't sign a long-term contract if there is any doubt whether the system will work in your area


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