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How to Clean Up Your Kettle

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Limescale often builds up on kettles making them fur up inside and if you have a metal kettle looking dull on the outside. Here are some tips to help get them back to being shiny and clean.
What you'll need: 
Cup of malt vinegar
2 Non metal scouring pad
Brown Sauce
Drying cloth
A little elbow grease
Firstly place a teacup of vinegar into the kettle and top up to Maximum mark with water.
Boil water and leave for an hour.
Once the water is cool enough loosen the limescale with the scouring pad
Repeat the process if not all the limescale comes off first time.
Rinse well and fill and boil with plain water in a few times until the smell of vinegar has gone.
On your second non metal scouring pad place a dollop of brown sauce work by rubbing in small circles over all of the metal on the outside of the kettle. Leave for a couple of minutes.
Rinse off with water and then dry with an absorbent cloth – rub up until nice and shiny. Your kettle will look as good a new
This is a great way to refurbish a dull looking kettle using no detergents at all. The added bonus is that once the vinegar has got rid of the limescale your kettle will boil faster saving you money. If you repeat every couple of months or so then the limescale will not build up to much and damage the inside of your kettle.
As with all metals that you clean always use a non-metal scouring pad to avoid scratching the surface to much.
As with all electrical equipment make sure any of the electrics are thoroughly dry before plugging back in.
Be careful when loosening the limescale on the inside of the kettle so you do not damage the element if it is that type of kettle.


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