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How to Clean Glass

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Cleaning glass is a fiddly occupation if you want that nice spear free finish. But for some people the wide range of glass cleaning products on the market are no good because of the perfumes and grease-cutting agents affecting their breathing. So if you suffer with asthma or allergies this could be a good Howopia for you. The main method here is for cleaning windows but you can use the same mix to bring up a shine on your drinking glasses or for any glass ornaments that you have.
What you'll need: 
A bucket
Clean Rags
A tiny amount of your regular washing up liquid
Some out of date lemons from your local shop
Some Methylated Spirits
A window cleaning blade
Lint free cloth
Old Newspapers
Pour clean/warm water about half way up the bucket, and add the juice from one lemon and a small amount of your regular washing up liquid. Mix them all together well.
Take your rags and dowse them in the liquid and wring out the excess liquid and then wipe all over the window pain. If there are any sticky marks use a little more of the liquid to loosen it.
Once the window pane is wet all over, take off the excess liquid with a window cleaning blade.
Scrunch up a sheet of newspaper and use this to dry the window. Use a second piece if this becomes too wet to use. Repeat on the second side of the window.
Use your lint free cloth to buff up your window to a shine once they are almost totally dry.
Alternatively you can use a clean rag that you have dowsed with a little Methylated Spirits (Meths) wipe this all over the window, loosening any dust and marks (If you are cleaning drinking glasses do not use this second method but favour the lemon juice, water and washing-up-liquid instead). If using Meths do not use water on the windows as this will smear.
Lastly, if cleaning windows make sure that: 1. It is not raining as they will get dirty almost straight away and 2. Do not clean the windows in strong sunlight as the mix will dry too quickly and leave smears on the glass.
For drinking glasses place the warm water, lemon juice and washing-up-liquid in a washing up bowl and submerge the glasses – dry with newspaper as before and use a lint free cloth to buff up a shine.
For extra sparkle - hold your drinking glasses about three to four inches above the steaming spout of a boiling kettle. Once steamed up buff up the glass with a lint free cloth until thoroughly dry. They will look just like new!
This is a simple way to clean up your glass. It won’t cost the earth and just needs a little elbow grease.
Remember do not use meths on drinking glasses as the smell and the taste will remain on the glass.
Make sure your water is warm and not boiling as the glass may expand rapidly an crack or break.
Keep Methylated Spirits safely away from children and naked flames as it is flammable and dangerous if drunk. If swallowed consult your doctor immediately. Do not use if the fumes affects your breathing.
Never put loads of glasses into your bucket of water, you risk breakage and broken glass cannot be seen under water – putting your hand into this could risk you getting a nasty cut.


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