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How To Clean A Dog’s Teeth

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Cleaning your dog’s teeth is an important part of its regular health care and should be introduced into a puppy’s routine as early as possible. Introducing teeth cleaning to older dogs, or those coming from a rescue centre may present more of a problem, and may have to be left to the vet. Some dogs, such as retired greyhounds and former show dogs, however, are used to having this done and will submit quite happily.
What you'll need: 
Soft toothbrush
Canine toothpaste
Dog’s teeth can be kept clean by using a soft, angled toothbrush with non-fluoride toothpaste that can be purchased from your vet. This should be carried out weekly by gently brushing from base to tip to dislodge any food caught between the teeth. Keep swishing the brush in warm (not hot) water to remove any bits and pieces from the bristles. Also brush gently along the base of the teeth to massage the gums.
You can buy a metal tooth-descaler with a sloped, chiselled end to remove stubborn tartar from between the teeth and the base of the tooth. Excessive use can, however, leave a rough surface on which more tartar will build. Human tooth-picks are often better to clean between the teeth.
To minimise the build up of tartar, a large raw marrow-bone once a week will keep the teeth clean and provide hours of fun for the dog, especially if he doesn’t like having his teeth cleaned. There are also commercially packed biscuits designed to help with canine teeth cleaning that can also double as ‘treats’.
A dog’s teeth can quickly become seriously infected if a cleaning regime isn’t introduced, and result in all sorts of health problems. Canine dentistry is a costly business and early measures to prevent tooth and gum disease will minimise the number of trips to the vet.
Start cleaning your puppy’s teeth early as part of the training regime.
Don’t try to forcefully clean teeth or you could land up being bitten.


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