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How To Cater For Your Pet When You Go On Holiday

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One of the problems about going away on holiday is deciding what to do with the family pet. And since it’s hardly relaxing to sit on a sunny beach worrying about them, it is essential to make sure that their holiday arrangements are the best you can provide.
Kenneling is the most obvious choice but it is essential to check out the ‘housing’ before leaving your pet. Some establishments only provide cages for cats and small dogs and although secure, are hardly conducive for a pleasant stay. Make sure you know exactly where your pet is going to live and exercise. Compare facilities and prices for all kennels/catteries in your area. Remember that all inoculations must be up to date and the certificate produced before a kennel/cattery will accept your pet.
Pet sitting is becoming more and more popular as it means there will be someone living in your house while you are away. This provides security for the property, ensures that the plants and garden are watered, and the dog or cat’s routine isn’t upset. It’s also an ideal solution for anyone with larger (ponies, goats, etc.,) or more exotic pets (fish and retiles), since the agency will provide a ‘sitter’ with the relevant experience.
Residential care provides holidays for dogs on a one-to-one basis where the carer takes a dog into their home and treats it as their own. Since your dog usually has the run of the carer’s house, it is a perfect solution for those who go away on a regular basis. These services are usually advertised locally via veterinary surgeries, dog training classes, pet shops, personal recommendation, etc.,
Trusted neighbours will often offer to feed your pets but do make sure that they will have the time to spend with the dog or cat each day, and can take the dog for a daily walk. It might be the cheapest solution but it may not be the best if the cat or dog feels lonely and decides to trash the place!
Holiday arrangements will obviously depend on personal finances but if you intend going away for a fortnight’s holiday, you will have peace of mind knowing that your pets are in safe hands – and enjoying themselves while you’re away.
Don’t be afraid to ask to look behind the scenes at kennels and catteries - and if there is a refusal, don’t book a place.
Dogs and cats will wander off looking for their owner if given half the chance, so make sure any home-minder is fully aware of the danger of the animal escaping.


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