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How To Buy a Perfect Shower Enclosure

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A shower is a task that is done every day. But it need not be a chore. You can make that time of the day into one of relaxation, peace and quiet, something to look forward to. A shower enclosure instantly gives your bathroom a look of minimalism, class and an aura of luxury. But you don’t install something as expensive and complex every day. As a smart consumer, you need to keep some things in mind. Here are 8 tips to follow to ensure you buy something that gives you comfort for years and years to come.
What you'll need: 
Bathroom Size
Water Pressure
Shape Of Shower
Shower Tray
Walk In Shower Enclosure
Technical Issues
First of all, consider the size of your bathroom. Let’s face it. The glossy ads in home improvement magazines may look grand and opulent, but you cannot install an enclosure that takes away the space to move in your bathroom. Carefully measure the height of the walls and the floor length. Sliding and double roller doors are a great way to save space.
Water pressure. This is something that may not have occurred to you but it’s crucial factor, because you want an energetic water stream coming out if you choose jet shower heads.
Shape of the shower. Consider the number of walls that are available for your shower enclosure. If it’s one wall, you will need a D-shaped enclosure. Two walls and you have greater options. A quadrant enclosure takes up two walls and an arc of glass in between to enclose them, fitting like a glove into the corner of your bathroom and saving space. And then there are the square and rectangular shaped ones.
A shower tray is the base of the enclosure, and keeps it water-tight. The shower tray should have a non-slip surface for safety purposes. A good quality tray would be made out of acrylic, re-enforced with fiberglass. If you are installing a power-shower, there will be a higher amount of drainage collected, so make sure your shower tray is deeper than normal.
Style. It’s important that you keep in mind your bathroom décor when searching for a shower enclosure. The color of the walls and floor and if it’s a traditional style periodic home then look for similar furnishings. Pay attention to the type of door handles and rollers. It’s the little details that give a polished finishing look to the entire bathroom.
Walk-in enclosure. These are, as the name suggests, spacious enough walking in and you have an entire room within the room. Walk in shower enclosures do not have a door, but an opening, as well as greater accessibility and mobility. They also give you the room to have two shower jet heads and customized lighting, turning your shower into a truly luxurious affair.
It would be advisable to call in an expert to figure out the technicalities, including the water pressure, installing trays and shower doors. These aspects require professional expertise to ensure a smooth, long-lasting experience.
Finally, you probably do not need to be reminded of this but do keep in mind your budget. This kind of indulgence can take you really far from your means with newer, more attractive features being offered to you for greater comforts. But you can trim down the costs by smartly choosing the right kind of designs and models that will give you a bang for your buck!


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