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How To Buy A New Carpet

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Choosing a new carpet is a simple step-by-step process:
Think about where the carpet is to go. High traffic areas (stairs, hallways etc) need hard wearing practical carpets that maintain their appearance whereas bedrooms can be fitted with more luxurious qualities as they don’t receive such consistent use.
Look at the size of a room - neutral colours accentuate a feeling of space and brightness so avoid deep shades if the room is small. There are many different neutrals to choose from including creamy whites to subtle taupes, donkey browns and steel greys.
Order samples in. Sampling is the perfect way to initially see how a particular colour matches in with the rest of the décor. You can see and feel how the colour and texture work in the room and importantly, in natural light.
Find a good retailer. One that will help you to achieve the most cost effective way to carpet your home; ask you plenty of questions to determine the most suitable carpet; discuss the various options available and let you take a larger sample home to see how the carpet works with other furnishings. Good retailers will always recommend the room is professionally measured so that the correct amount of carpet is ordered to minimise waste and save money.
Where possible, choose a carpet that is available in a 5m width and plan from the widest width in the house to ensure colour matching and unnecessary joins.
Always fit a new quality underlay when purchasing new carpet. Carpet is the only textile in the home which is subjected to constant foot traffic and as such needs cushioning by way of good underlay.
Carpet can last a lifetime and if you buy the very best quality you can afford with the highest wool content, it will shampoo beautifully time after time.


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