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How To Bank Safely Online

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Online banking is becoming more and more a way of life and providing we protect ourselves from computer fraudsters, most of the steps are common sense.
Never write down your PIN or password where other people can see them.
Shred any banking documents before discarding them (see How To Avoid Identity Theft).
Never verify your bank details/transactions by phone or email. These requests often appear in the guise of accounts queries from utility or computer servers.
Email requests for this information are called ‘phishing’ and often direct users to authentic-looking websites that are designed to steal personal details. Fraudsters are creating pages asking for additional confirmation, which many people do fall for.
Many banks are asking customers to install ‘Rapport’, which helps to prevent unlawful access to your account, which is possible even if you are using a card reader.
Regularly check your social networking privacy settings and never divulge personal details via Facebook or Twitter. Don’t publish your address, phone numbers, date and place of birth, passport or driving licence numbers.
Take care when banking or shopping on line where you have to provide financial details and avoid using your Smartphone unless you have a secure app installed.
Check your bank, credit card and other financial statements regularly for any unfamiliar transactions. Don't be afraid to clarify any strange entries on the statement.
Check your credit report regularly using Experian, Equifax or Callcredit for a £2 search fee. If you receive letters or calls from debt collection agencies about items you haven’t bought, don’t ignore them as this suggests someone may be using your identity.
Online retailers are often the source of computer financial fraud so be on your guard when giving credit card details on a non-secure site. Where possible use PayPal.
While we may moan about the next level of security measures introduced by our bank, it is a safeguard against a complete stranger helping themselves to our hard-earned cash.
Don’t be over confident about the security of your online banking


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