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How To Avoid Writer’s Block

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Sometimes we find our writing isn’t flowing as well as it might, especially after a prolonged bout of writing activity. So let’s give ourselves a break and inject a little bit of ‘displacement activity’ into our routine. Displacement activity encompasses those things we find to do in order to put off a more important chore, but this time we can do it with a clear conscience. The following is a list of things to take time out to stimulate the writer’s brain:
Visit your local museum, exhibition or art gallery, and reflect on items of immediate interest in the collection. Is there something here that could be of interest to a regional magazine or newspaper? Can it provide a backdrop for a short story or poem?
Read a book on a subject you’ve not been interested in before. Is there some snippet that could be incorporated into your ‘work in progress’ to add another dimension to your writing?
Visit a local historical site and look at it with the ‘inner eye’. What is there here that you can use to broaden the interest in your scene setting? Is here material here for an article, short story or poem?
Visit a local beauty spot, park or formal garden, for the purpose of meditation and reflection. Use the opportunity for people-watching and for material you can include in your writing.
Treat yourself to a traditional ‘afternoon tea or coffee’ in a local teashop. No reason other than to enjoy a moment of good, old-fashioned luxury!
Writer’s block is a subject talked about regularly at beginner level but it’s something that experienced writers don’t have, and professional writers can’t afford. Everyone has an off day when the words won’t come but the more we worry at it, the harder it becomes. The secret is to have several projects on the go at the same time, and if one isn’t working for us, then we write something else – or try some of the displacement activities listed here.
Go out for a brisk walk, with or without the dog, to stimulate both the body and brain.
Gardening is another quick fix solution – pick up the trowel and the ideas will come thick and fast.
Sit in the garden or conservatory with a newspaper and a cup of good coffee – and relax
Don’t write about writer’s block for creative writing magazines – it’s a ‘no go’ area as far as editors are concerned.


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