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How To Avoid Stress During Air Travel

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Long hours in a confined space can make air travel unpleasant. Sitting in an upright position for a long time with limited body movement restricts the blood flow and causes stiffness. The following are a few tips to help lessen the stress:
What you'll need: 
Support stockings or socks
Inflatable neck pillow
Cool wipes
Boiled sweets
Wear comfortable loose clothing and shoes. Support stockings are worn by cabin crew, and men can wear a pair of support socks similar to those used in hospitals.
An inflatable neck pillow in your hand luggage will provide comfort and help you take a nap.
A simple exercise is to take a deep breath and slowly lean your head to one side. Rest it gently in this position for three seconds, then exhale. Follow the same routine with the other side. Repeat this exercise three times on each side.
Every hour or so, get up and walk the length of the plane if possible.
Avoid alcoholic drinks. The air in the cabin is very dry and causes dehydration – alcohol will dehydrate you more. Drink plenty of water or fruit juice instead.
Carry a change of underwear and toiletries in your cabin bag in case your luggage is delayed or lost. Keep a pack of cool wipes on top of the bag for freshening up during the flight.
Rather than coping with heavy luggage take no more than you absolutely need, and pack well in advance.
Taking separates in just two basic colours, such as black and white, or beige and navy permits you to mix and match items.
Include clothing that can be layered will prepare you to meet any varying or unexpected weather condition at either end of your journey.
Take packets of boiled sweets to suck during the flight to help dehydration and top up energy levels rather than sugary drinks.
Air travel seems to be becoming more and more stressful and so we need to take measures that reduce the possibility of arriving at our destination in a calm frame of mind. To reduce queuing time at the airport (both on departure and arrival) and increasing baggage restrictions/charges, purchase one of the official ‘cabin-sized’ suitcases and try to pack everything as carry-on luggage.
Try to take some small change as many buses and taxi drivers abroad will not accept notes in large denominations.
Wear comfortable, roomy shoes for travelling
In many parts of the world it is still advisable to carry money, traveller’s cheques, credit cards and passports in the good, old-fashioned bum-bag or money belt.
Try not to remove your shoes during the flight, or you may not be able to get them back on


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