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How to assemble a standard flat cardboard box

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Most removal companies provide cardboard packing boxes flat so you will have to assemble them yourself. The majority of boxes are very easy to construct, but a couple might look like cardboard puzzle at first! Here are some handy hints and tips to avoid a headache next time you have to assemble one.
What you'll need: 
Packing Tape
Space to store the assembled cardboard boxes
Cup of Tea! and may be a biscuit (or 2)!
Quickly assess the folds in the cardboard box.
Pull open the box and turn upside-down, so you have four sides and an opening in the middle.
Fold in the two shortest flaps opposite each other, then fold in the remaining two flaps.
Straighten the joining edges and seal with packing tape.
Turn the box the right way up and fill it as required.
Fold in the top flaps in the same fashion as the bottom flaps and secure with tape.
Use a tape gun to help apply the tape.
Try to tape the box square


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