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How to assemble a cardboard wardrobe box

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Wardrobe boxes are a great way to move clothing whilst keeping them on their hangers and free from creases.
What you'll need: 
Packing Tape
Wardrobe Box
Clothes Hangers
Clear protective covers
Pull open the box and turn upside down
Fold in two flaps opposite each other, then fold in the remaining two flaps.
Straighten the joining edges and seal with tape.
Turn the box the right way up, noting the door that opens on one panel.
Fold down the two small cut-out flaps at the top of the panels adjacent to the panel with the door.
Take the clothes rail supplied and attach, sliding the fittings over the folded-down flaps you have just created.
Fill the box with clothes as required, placing each hanger in one of the cut-out notches (this prevents the clothes moving around inside).
If supplied, slide the plastic strip over the top of the hanging rail to secure the hangers in place.
Fold down the top flaps of the box in the same fashion as the bottom flaps and secure with tape.
Close the door and secure the seam with tape.
A crease free clean way to transport clothing when moving house.
Don't overload the boxes or there is a chance the removal company may drop the box.


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