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How To Tie A Bandana Into A Headband

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You can create a cool and funky style with a bandana into a headband. This is a stylish way to show and hold your hair.
What you'll need: 
Place bandana down flat with wrong side facing you. Take a corner of the bandana and fold it into a triangle.
From the folded edge base of the triangle, fold 2 inches of the bandana over. Continue folding it until you reach the tip of the triangle and make sure it’s the same width as you fold it down. You will end up with a long rectangle shape with two pointed ends.
Take hold of the pointed ends. Place the folded bandana around your forehead or anywhere you want on your head.
The pointed ends should meet at the back of your neck. Secure the pointed ends with a knot.
Your bandana headband is done.
You can personalize this bandana headband style by doing the knot to the front or side of your head. Experiment and see what style suits you best.
You can tie your bandana headband under or over your hair depending on what style you are trying to create.
Keep hair from being tangled when tying the knot.
You can wear different hair styles with the bandana headband like wearing you hair in a ponytail.
You can use this folded bandana headband to wrap around your wrist to complete a look or use as a workout wristband.
The bandana headband can be used as a neck tie to create a cool style to your outfit. You can tie it to one side of your neck for this style.


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