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How To Tie A Bandana

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A bandana is great for covering your head on bad hair days or used as a hair accessory. But some people don’t know how to tie this square piece of fabric over their head. If this relates to you then the steps below will help you to tie a bandana.
What you'll need: 
Lay your bandana flat with design side facing underneath.
Take one corner and fold it over to the other corner. You should now have a triangle shaped fabric with a folded long edge. The printed side of the fabric will be showing on both sides as well.
Hold the two pointed sides of the triangle in your hand.
Place the folded long edge of the triangle near or over your hairline and tie the pointed sides together at the back of your neck. At this point make sure there’s no loose hair that will get stuck between the tied fabric points.
Tie the two pointed sides into a knot to secure the bandana on your head. The triangle fabric point of the bandana will be left free and part of your hair can be seen from the back. If you don’t want this look you can tuck the triangle point under the knot or secure the triangle point with the two pointed sides with a knot. The back of your hair will be fully covered with this style.
You can now step outside with your head worn with a bandana.
Once you know how to tie a bandana you can vary the fold width of the triangle for different looks or styles that you want to achieve.
You can buy bandanas from hair accessory shops or from online sites. You can also make a bandana yourself.
You can ask a friend or family member to help you or use a mirror to help you see what you are doing.
If you make the triangle fold smaller, you will have more cloth to tuck in at the back. The long cloth at the back is good for creating a pirate look for a costume.
When tying the knot, make sure there’s no hair that can be caught in the knot.
You can tie the knot at the front or side of your head for a unique style.


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