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How to taste wine

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By far the easiest way to increase your understanding and enjoyment of wine is to learn how to taste it properly. Following a few simple steps will allow you to experience wine the way it was intended, and to appreciate the full range of flavours it contains.
What you'll need: 
Spotlessly clean wine glass(es)
Wine of your choice
Pour the wine into your glass, making sure not to fill the glass more than 1/3 of the way. This will enable you to complete later steps without the risk of spilling your wine, and will allow the wine to breathe.
Hold your glass up to the light, ideally in front of a white or light-coloured background, and tilt it slightly. Observe the colour of your wine, and notice the way it changes towards the edge.
Place your glass on the table, put your nose right in the bowl of the wine glass and take a deep breath. Really notice the aroma of the wine.
Holding the base of your wineglass on the table, move it in a circle to swirl the wine in the glass. This gets air into the wine, releasing the flavour and bringing out the aroma of the wine. Smell the wine again as before, and notice the difference. It should have a much more pronounced aroma than it did before.
Take a sip of your wine and let it rest on your tongue, noticing the flavour. Before you swallow, swirl the wine around your mouth, letting it touch all parts of your tongue. If you breathe in slightly as you do this, you should notice that the flavour of the wine is intensified.
Try tasting similar wines, for example wines made with the same grape varietal but from different wine regions, and compare them. This will help you to notice subtle variations in flavour and aroma.
Try a blind tasting with similar wines of different prices. You may be surprised to find which ones you like best!


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