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How to switch effortlessly between Googlemail and Gmail

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If you are a UK Googlemail account holder you can't have failed to notice the link offering you to convert to Gmail instead. Googlemail used to be Gmail in the UK but, due to a rights dispute, Google had to change to Googlemail. Settlement has now been made and all users have the option to switch to the shorter, snappier (and let's face it cooler) Gmail. However, switching may not be as straightforward as it seems. Implications include problems with sending emails to previous contacts (where the new address is not validated) and issues with some applications (notably Android). It is easy to switch back to Googlemail but unfortunately the instructions are not easy to track down. Through a lengthy process of trial and error I stumbled across the following quick and pain-free solution.
What you'll need: 
A Googlemail or Gmail account
Sign into your Googlemail/Gmail account
Click the 'Settings' link on the top right of your screen.
Click the 'Accounts and Imports' tab. This is third from the left.
You will see a 'Send Mail As...' option, followed by your current address (e.g.
Next to your current address is a tiny link which says: 'Switch to @gmail (or @googlemail). Click this to change.
You will be directed to a confirmation screen. Here you can either click the big blue button to confirm, or click a little link to back out of the change.
These steps are accurate as of September 2010 but subject to change.


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