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How To Survive a Long Coach Trip

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Facing a lengthy coach journey? Here are some tips to make it pass a little quicker and in a little more comfort.
What you'll need: 
Book, magazines
Puzzles and pens
Packed lunch
Neck Pillow
Mp3 player/iPod if desired
First prepare yourself for the journey by taking any travel pills you feel are necessary.
Ease up on your water or tea drinking for at least a couple of hours before the journey starts, and make sure to visit the bathroom just before you go out of the door.
Take water, or another drink of choice, with you to sip and pack yourself some sandwiches, a couple of biscuits and some caramels, or boiled sweets of choice to suck. Gawping out of a coach window is so much more interesting when you have a long-lasting sweet in your mouth...
Take the above-mentioned supplies in a coolbag of some kind – this is useful for putting your feet up – better for your circulation than having them planted on the floor all the time.
Take with you some wipes, so that you don’t spend the entire journey with sticky hands or biro on your face.
Take a book with you, but it’s advisable not to start a new book on a coach journey – it’s unlikely you’ll concentrate enough to get past the first chapter. Take one that you’re already a third of the way through so that you know what’s going on in it.
Magazines are always good – you can dip in and out of them as you wish. They’re also useful to ‘tent’ over your face if you want keep the light out so you can snooze (if your seat reclines enough for you to lie back a little, that is). If not, take a sleeping mask, if you dare wear it in public.
Take a puzzle book with you – something easy like Wordsearch and coffee-time crosswords are good.
An absolute must is a neck pillow (like a foam collar-type appliance). This will let you relax and stop your head lolling about. They also stop your head hitting the window, or the person next to you.
If you like, take an mp3 player with you, perhaps downloading a couple of radio programmes as podcasts – they can easily be found on iTunes or on the BBC website - just as a change from your normal music.
With a little application and planning, you can make the journey seem shorter.


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