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How to survive the first week at university.

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A-levels are over, the end of summer is rapidly approaching and you are about to embark on a new chapter in your life. Yes you’re excited but there’s that big part of you that is unquestionably, categorically, downright scared. New beginnings are always daunting but it’s a chance to make a fresh start, meet new people and have an amazing time. Believe it or not many students who attend their choice of university rarely know anyone else in their year and most certainly not on their course. That scared feeling of knowing nobody on your first day is therefore shared by 150 other students or, as I like to call, potential friends. Now that you know you and the rest of your fellow course mates are all in the same boat there’s a few ways to make your first week go by much easier.
Moving onto campus is a great way not to mention the easiest way to make friends before term starts. Your university will make sure you live close to other people on your course as well as people from other courses. You’ll be living with them for the whole year so you might as well bond and get to know them, right?
We’ve all heard stories about Fresher’s week haven’t we? It’s the week right before first semester that’s filled with alcohol, dancing and no doubt more stories to gossip about. So, get your dancing shoes on, mingle and join in on the fun. You’ll most likely bump into familiar faces again in your first lecture.
Welcome fairs are always great; they’re filled with Lovely snacks and lots of people. Here you can sign up to all kinds of societies your university has to offer as well as meeting other potential members. There’s something for everyone from sports to literature, to business and religion. Have a look at what there is to offer, you may even be able to start your very own society.
Induction day is a must. This is where you’ll learn everything you need to know about your programme of study, modules, lecturers etc. Important dates, notes and information will be given not to mention a room filled with students you’ll be seeing for the next three to four years.
Remember, be confident and friendly. Don’t be scared to approach someone first as they probably want someone to talk to just as much as you do. Have fun and enjoy university life, you’ll be graduating before you know it.


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