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How to survive a 30k endurance challenge

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On the 9th October The Royal British Legion is challenging the super-fit to take part in the Exmoor 30:30 challenge, a 30km endurance challenge across Exmoor. If you are taking part, this is how you will survive it.
What you'll need: 
1 sleeping bag (in waterproof bag)
1 full change of warm/dry clothes (in waterproof bag)
1 pair of dry trainers (in waterproof bag)
1 survival bag
1 torch with new batteries
1 fully charged mobile phone
1 personal first aid kit
1 emergency 24hr food pack
The food & drink which you will consume during the event
An appropriate compass (eg Silva or similar) and Ordnance Survey Explorer Map Sheet OL9 (1:25,000)
It goes without saying you’ll need to be fit, but previous experience of cross-country running will help
Injuries can scupper your challenge before it even begins, so training for such an extreme event should be done gradually
Start building up your fitness with two runs of around five miles a week, spaced a few days apart
Once you’ve got used to the distance, increase the runs to around 10 miles
Try doing training runs on consecutive days. This will help improve your body’s recovery rate
Your calves will take a hammering, so find a decent training hill. Practice walking up it and running down it
Mental strength is as important as physical strength
Try training and working with a tightly-knit team as you can help each other out when things get tough
Your body will need a lot of calories so your bag will need to be full of energy drinks like Lucozade, water and high-energy bars
Get your pack organised before you set out. Spare socks and energy drinks are no use at the bottom of your bag


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