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How to subscribe to The Times or Sunday Times website

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As of July 2010 the British newspapers The Times and The Sunday Times have become accessible by a subscription only. They are the first major newspapers in this country to put up a paywall. This means you can no longer read any of the content beyond the homepages without registering and paying to read more. If you wish to access the articles and columns you either need to buy the physical newspaper or register and pay to access the digital content. This How To will guide you through the process to access these newspapers.
What you'll need: 
Debit card
Your personal details
In your browser go to The Times website. You can read the content on the homepage, but to read any more of the content or to browse the sections you will need to register.
If you click on any of the links on the homepage, you will be directed to a product option subscription ppage, commonly referred to as a paywall.
This is where you now choose the access you wish to pay for. There are two options: firstly to access the site for one day, and secondly you can subscribe and pay for the site monthly. Access will cost you £1 for one day and £2 for a week, that works out at £8.6 per month.
Once you have decided which subscription option you want, you must click on the corresponding button underneath the list of options. They are the buy now or subscribe buttons.
You will then be required to enter your personal details, which includes your name and address, you can also choose if you wish to receive any marketing communication from The Times. Once you have filled in the security check and checked the terms and conditions you hit update and this will lead you to a payment details page.
You will be required to pay your subscription by Direct Debit. Enter these and then press the continue button.
It will work out cheaper to sign up monthly rather than on a daily basis.
You can choose to pay in Euros or US Dollars if you wish
Do not sign up to the monthly option if you only wish to access the site once.


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