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How to stop programs starting up in Windows

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You have installed a new program and yet it slows down the boot time of the PC. Here's how to disable it from automatically starting up...
What you'll need: 
Press the Windows key (the key that has the windows logo on) and 'R' at the same time.
You will see a run command. Type MSCONFIG and press OK.
Select the startup tab.
Find the program that you want to disable starting up and 'uncheck' the check box on the left hand side.
Click 'OK' and restart the PC.
You will get a message when rebooted; check 'dont show again' and press 'OK'.
Program has being disabled from automatically starting.
You cannot cause any issues with the PC doing this. If you have disabled a program you didn't mean to, then repeat the procedure but recheck the box against the program and this will then start up the next time Windows reboots.
Don't disable anti-virus or firewall software


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