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How to stop Cyberlink PowerDVD registration nag

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Even though legitimately purchased and activated by serial number or pre-installed on some computers, Cyberlink's PowerDVD program offers the opportunity to register user details every time it starts up. Some users may not want to register, as they may prefer to keep their details private. There is a very simple and safe way to stop the nagging registration request.
What you'll need: 
Your computer, switched on
Cyberlink PowerDVD, switched off
Make sure the application is not running, and open 'Windows Explorer' (or equivalent if not running Windows). For example, in Windows 7, right-click the 'Start' button and choose 'Windows Explorer' or just click on your 'Computer' icon on the Desktop.
Look in the Local Disk (C:) drive/folder for the 'Program Files' folder. If you have installed elsewhere, go there instead.
Look in 'Program Files' for the 'Cyberlink', and then the 'PowerDVD' folder. If the latter is not present, it may be in a 'HomeCinema' folder or similar. If you can't find it, use the Search facility to find 'PowerDVD' and open the folder you find.
In 'PowerDVD', find the 'OLRSubmission' folder. Right-click this and select the 'Rename' option.
Change the name of the folder to whatever you like. However, in order to easily revert back to its original state if you should so desire in the future, an addition to the folder name is recommended rather than a complete change. For example 'OLRSubmission_GOAWAY'. NOTE: If your operating system asks you to provide administrator permission, say yes. After all, you are highly likely to be the administrator :)
And that, dear reader, is all there is to it.
To recap... it's just renaming a folder. Usually found here: C:\Program Files\Cyberlink\PowerDVD\OLRSubmission
Open PowerDVD and, I sincerely hope, enjoy your software free of the nagging message that's been annoying you for so long.
This situation appears to be a common frustration for many users of an otherwise excellent product. Hopefully this simple, effective and non-disruptive method of disabling 'the nag' will serve you well. Re-use this method for other products in the Cyberlink range if you are experiencing similar nags; just look for 'OLRSubmission' in the other product folders.
Sit in a chair when doing this rather than on a stool, otherwise when you sit back in satisfaction you'll end up on the floor.
Do not change the folder names of any folders other than the OLRSubmission one. Doing so may 'break' your software, and if you can't remember what you changed, you'll have to re-install.


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