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How to stop bleeding of minor cuts and grazes at home

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Cuts and grazes may happen accidentally at home and some tips may help prevent bleeding that may occur and prevent infection. If the wound is kept clean, you have done your part, nature will take over from there.
What you'll need: 
Cotton wool
Surgical spirit
Antiseptic spray or liquid
Sticky plasters
Antiseptic cream
To staunch bleeding, apply pressure to the wound with a clean cloth or piece of gauze. At worse, use your hand.
Once bleeding has stopped, gently clean the area around the wound with soap and water, then apply a bandage.
You can use a tincture of calendura which is an antibacterial killing herb known for its wound healing powers. Apply to wound site. It can be found in health food stores.
Twice a day, you can clean your cut with myrrh, which stimulates production of white blood cells. These are the infection fighting cells that gather around the wound site. Mix a teaspoon of myrrh with 100 ml of water. pour a little over the cut or graze and leave the wound exposed to the air until it dries.
Try tea tree oil. It contains a strong antiseptic compound and is popular all over the world for treating wounds. Stir 1TSP of the oil into a cup of warm water and use this to rinse cuts and graze twice daily.
Make sure all wounds are cleaned properly, disinfected and covered.
Wash hands after each treatment of the wound.
Make sure the doctor is called if bleeding fails to stop, if there are any signs of infection, unusaul discharge, fever, or red streaks that have spread outwards from the wound.
Your doctor may advise you to have a tetanus booster, if the wound is deep or punctured.


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